Call for Papers

CfP 10th Anniversary: Young Economists Conference 2021

/ 18. Mai 2021

Call for Papers 10th Anniversary:


Young Economists Conference 2021 Industrial Policy for sustainable workand a green transformationIn response to the crisiscaused by the CoVid-19 pandemic, many countries around the globe are launching stimulus packagesof unprecedented scale. Government intervention of this magnitude goes beyond smoothing demand; the choice of stimulus targets and eligibility criteria will shape the economy for decades to come.

Industrial policy seeks to organize strategic state investment in order to create desirable economic systems. Its popularity in the economic profession deteriorated with the rise of neo-liberal anti-interventionism and corresponding economic modeling. Will the size of recovery programs, combined with the increasingly dramatic climate crisis, induce a new rise of industrial policy in economics? At the same time, can industrial policy provide a remedy to the erosion of employment stability, the falling wage rate and rising inequality, and the unequal division of (under-and unpaid) care work?

We are convinced that an understanding of the welfare state and regulation are indispensable to social and economic science. Furthermore, the democratic aspect of policy proceeding from elected bodies gives agency to those most affected by the pandemic, the social division of labor and climate change. Only a combination of different disciplines, academics, and practitioners, can muster the resources needed to face these challenges.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Chamber of Labour Vienna, the Chamber of Labour Upper Austria, the ISW (Institute for Social-and Economic Science) and the Austrian Society for Pluralist Economics host the Young Economists Conference on November 5th and 6th 2021. We invite researchers at the beginning of their career (Master, prae-or post-doc) from all professions, especially economics, political sciences and sociology, to submit their work. We want to especially encourage female and LGBTIQ* contributors as well as researchers of color to present at the conference.


The deadline for abstracts (max. 1 page) is June 28th 2021. The workshop language is English. Participants will be notified of acceptance by mid-July. The deadline for the submission of (working) papers is October 1st 2021. The conference is free of charge. Presenting participants will be reimbursed for train travel cost within Austria, and may apply for accommodation subsidies. An outstanding contribution will be awarded the Eduard März Prize of €1,000. Submission of abstracts and further information: